Tony Bland

Painting - mixed media   shuffle


battle for attention001



global game of tic atc toe


mother and daughter

painting 2


pregnant woman lover



science comp

soldiers love song

the harpist

the sea of thoughts

the walk home

triumph of a mechanic

Tony is a self taught artist He was born in Warwickshire in 1958 He started doing pencil drawings in 1995 but soon progressed onto painting Tony started out painting with oils on canvas He then began experimenting with all kinds of other materials Materials to paint with and to contain within the work Tony also tries different materials to paint on He has exhibited in local galleries as well as numerous larger galleries br Tony s work is unique His work is his and own not any other artists style of art He does not paint flowers or landscapes His work is meant to make you question what you are seeing To stir up an emotion within whether it be enjoyment bewilderment dislike confusion so long as it makes you stop look and think Everything Tony experiences in life is contained within the painting images ©copyright Tony Bland 2032