Teresa Muñoz

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Teresa began her walking in the pictorial world approximately 20 years ago with painting on wood, later and after experimenting in this field, she turned to drawing and the oil painting. Their artistic beginnings were guided by two great teachers of recognized national and international prestige, Juan Abellán Juliá and Manuel Luca de Tena.
In the set of her work it is possible to be appreciated, on the one hand, perfectly conceived landscapes and on the other hand, very well finished figures where the preoccupation of Teresa resides in the objects and their relations with a profusion of the hot colors that take to the colds background. The creative world in which it is immersed lets glimpse a touching load of feelings to which it tries to give them to form and color: memories of their family, illusions that have been left in the way or spaces which they remember her life, are intermingled to demonstrate the passion of Teresa Muñoz by the painting. She has particiated in art exhibitions and International Contemporary Art Fair (MAC21 in Marbella, ArteSevilla in Sevilla). images ©copyright Teresa Muñoz 2284