Ruth Freeman

Painting - Acylics   shuffle


audi painting not the tate

audi painting not the tate 2

beastie boys ntt

beatles not the tate

boys ntt

chili peppers ntt

cycle race ntt

family portrait ntt

fight scene ntt

final chilli ntt

final rain madge ntt

french touch ntt

headphones painting ntt

ian brown not the tate

madge not the tate

milly ntt

nikkis pic ntt

pink floyd wall ntt

raging bull ntt

raw punk ntt

scarface 2 ntt

scarface not the tate

scarface ntt

super heros not the tate

This contemporary artwork has been produced by Ruth Freeman who is a young talented artist with several years of design experience producing unique pieces for numerous customers She produces artwork on a small scale for those who demand something different specializing in urban modern look pieces which look amazing in any contemporary living space Due to each piece being a one off design she ensures particular attention to detail br The artwork shown above is a very small example of what im about I generally work on large box canvases examples shown are 29 x 40 inches or 32 x 32 inches The sides on the canvases are always painted so no need frame my work I work using acrylics and all my pieces come fully varnished I sell work on ebay as well as edirectory and as all of my pieces are one off s if the picture you require has already been sold then i can produce any comissioned pieces to suit your personal taste you tell me what your into the colours you like and the size you require and i will do the rest Please feel free to email me with any requests images ©copyright Ruth Freeman 3064