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Lets say I've tried everything but suicide - I've been a son, an athlete, student, soldier, lover, husband, a mourner of a dead son, widower, a musician, an artist, an engineer, and sadly to say a divorcee, and a loving father of an autistic son. That about sums it up. As the Chinese curse says, "I've lived in interesting times".
I've lived in over 10 countries, finally settling down here in Thailand.
I sold my fist painting when I was ten years old and never have looked back. I really don't know how many art works I have produced. I tend to lose interest in Paintings after completing them.
I paint from need not greed. I have to express my self whether it is in a song or a painting. I wish I could paint more with my head rather than my heart. I envy some my artist friends who works are so serene. I tend to paint like a shark eating. Because of this many times I am dissatisfied with the finished painting. It would seem that I can never quite obtain the picture that's in my head.
My techniques change with my moods. I tend to use what ever I have in hand. Some of my works even have " garment paint ". I seem to use many different materials on every painting. I like the effect of using many kinds of painting materials at the same time.
Some times I get into a color scheme fix as I tend to do anywhere from three to eight
or more paintings at a time. If I work on only one painting I cannot stop actually getting to the point I can no longer see the oblivious mistake.
I admit to being influenced by Von Gough, the Impressionist School of Painters, El Greco, Rouault, and the "Black period" of Goya, as well as events in my life.
He states, " I need to surround my self with beauty, whether the love of a son, music, or art. I really think life doesn't have much meaning without beauty.
If you like or hate my paintings then I've done something, but if you feel nothing, then I have failed. images ©copyright Richard Wynne 1901