Pauline Delderfield

Painting - watercolours and collage   shuffle


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I have studied Art and Art History to degree level focussing on 14th and 15th Century Italian painting I have taught Art in both the secondary and primary sectors and have always tried not to teach but to appreciate the unique perception and expression of individuals br I am continually inspired by my surroundings the movement and interaction of figures and working with the endless possibilities of the rearrangement of space The sea is a constant source of inspiration and I usually work in watercolours to explore light effects but have recently introduced some collage into my work which has allowed me to explore texture and illusion I am currently working in this direction using a rich variety of textural materials particularly those which allow light to pass through I also design and make jewellery using silver crystal and Murano glass which I buy from the Island of Murano images ©copyright Pauline Delderfield 2351