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My interest in people as individuals has a great deal to do with my paintings as each person who sees my paintings usually responds particularly to one of them which is fascinating to me And once in a while someone comes along who doesn t see them at all which is fascinating too and a challenge I tend to paint pictures that I would want to live with After all I spend a lot of time working on a painting so it comes natural to paint what I like br I paint in oils and alkyds sometimes over acrylic I use canvas or hardboard as the surface I experiment with different methods pretty freely I work on many paintings concurrently putting one aside when I just need to use a totally different color for awhile or when I haven t decided what to do next or don t have time just then to do it Then an hour or days or even years later I pick it up again The dragon paintings are illustrations for a book by Daniel O Connor You can see more about this at http dragonmoonrising com images ©copyright Linda Nelson 3163