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Jill Smith, was born in Lincolnshire in a small village and spent her childhood drawing and painting. Her father had a friend who worked in a paper mill and found out they threw out any paper that wasn’t the right size. So Jill always had plenty of paper.

When she was six her father made her a wooden easel so she was painting the birds and flowers in her garden all the time.

At 12 she went to local art school and loved it.
She had a wonderful French art teacher who gave her extra hours when school was over and learnt her so much.
She entered her in a young peoples travelling art exhibition and won.

She had two solo exhibition’s there. For a while afterwards she had a few creative jobs . She had a flower shop, designed wedding dresses and evening shoes, made lace ring cushions, horseshoes and lace special day cards.
After this she made art quilts that were collected all round the world, this was for a few years and led back to her first love painting which she is still doing and made her style in painting in lush bright colers .She found that painting abstract painting was the way to go for her.But since then she is painting other subjects.
She sells her paintings,if your interested just send her a message. images ©copyright Jill Smith 4742