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My Photography started about 8 months ago when I helped a friend Photograph a Wedding a week later I had bought my first real camera a Cannon EOS 400D well it was real to me br I take all my Photo s on a whim I don t usually know what I am supposed to set the camera settings on so I experiment one thing I always try to avoid is the automatic setting I sometimes have to touch them up with imaging software but I enjoy that as much as taking the camera out I have got fairly proficient with the software and you need to look close at some of the images to see what they used to be I have some of the digital imaged pictures in my gallery I am building a web site which will be ready in a couple of weeks the links is on this page to more of my work I hope you will take time out to visit Hope you like the pic s constructive critisism is always welcome don t be too harsh I m new to this images ©copyright Jack 1857