Irene Hus

Painting - acryl, oil pastel mixed technique   shuffle


103 metamorphosis 1

104 zebra marina 100

110 elefantina 70x90

111 cavalluccio alat

144 tempio indiano 8

151 rete da pesca 80

152 volo azzurro 80x

154 microcosmo 80x10

156 prima della temp

160 vita 1 100x120

192 notte celtica 80

194 paesaggio irland

198 ibernazione 90x1

205 indigo 1 70x70

206 indigo 2 70x70

207 indigo 3 70x80






After I frequented the “Meisterschule fűr Grafik“ in Berlin and later the „Academie Royale des Beaux Arts“ in Brussels (for monumental painting and stained glass windows), I carried on painting for nearly forty years. Changing my habitat in Europe four times and exhibiting in several towns like London, Paris, Brussels, Bologna and Verona, I now live in Padua.

My last paintings are in acryl, oil pastels and mixed medias and most inspirations I drew from my travelling in Europe, Africa and India, since I am fascinated by the variety of the culture and landscape. After the first contact with a new country, I love to dive down into its story, religion, myth and music for a couple of months, to get a more complex picture, which leads to my present works in a mixture of figurative and abstract forms.
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