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Much is said of the universal appeal of art. However, rarely is it mentioned that the act of viewing is a uniquely subjective experience. My work tries to address the intimate relationship between subject and observer. Whatever I intended when creating the work is irrelevant (except to me). What is important is what you, the viewer, bring to and take away from the work. Every unique experience, personal bias, opinion, and aversion that you have will shape how you "see" this work, as it shapes how you perceive everything else in your life. I cannot hope to control this, nor would I want to. -- "The unexamined life is not worth living" --Socrates
You may find this work interesting, confusing, offensive, disgusting, inspirational, or even (God forbid) boring! All of these reactions are valid. I simply create images that I find thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, I hope my work provokes you to ask questions--about yourself, about the work, about life. Enjoy.--- Hollon grew up in North Carolina and owes much of his success as an artist to a supportive family and an incredible High School art teacher (thank you Judy Morgan). Hollon studied art at UNCW and UNCG where he attained teaching licensure. After several failed attempts to take over the world, Hollon decided to focus on bringing down the restaurant industry from the inside. When not working on art, Hollon can be found sabotaging your next meal and creating general culinary chaos. Somehow he has also found time to plan his upcoming marriage to highschool sweetheart and occasional partner in crime, Sharoneous Monk. But, Hollon has never lost sight of his dream to one day take over the world. images ©copyright Hollon 1914