Catherine Marché

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I was born in July 1967, in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris and grew up in France, Germany and Africa and later to the USA. As a child, I saw the world as full of people of all kind of races and colours speaking hundreds of different dialects. Maybe that is why I do not respect a conventional approach of colours in my work.These encounters with different cultures gave me a taste to experiment as various trips to Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean opened my vision to a broad range of bright colours, which are often used in my paintings. I just love expressing myself using my vivid imagination and wish to give my interpretation of feelings and beauty based on the human body.
I look at several ways of expressing “Féminité” and sensuality, another
vision of life through dreams and imagination. I’d love my work to be able
to cast a spell on the viewer and tell him things he does not know about
himself through a fascinating exchange.I want to transcribe the way women feel; trace their inner emotions on canvas. I think some women live in a fantasy world where they would love to be someone else (thinner, blonder, taller, more beautiful, happier…) whereas some face real problems of oppression, domination and abuse. I work on this through a de-structuration of the figure. Either as a simplification of shapes and figures as in the silhouettes series or as denigrating the body structure by amplifying one of its elements as it is the case with the “petit bout de femme” series, where “bits of women” are seen as single entities and pit together will never be seen as a whole, symbolising the un-ease many women feel in a society dominated by men and power.Most of my work is figurative, expressionist or fauvist based on the human figure abstracted in some cases. The mediums I use the most are Oil painting and etching. images ©copyright Catherine Marché 2116