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I began working with pen and ink, moving onto painting, then digital imaging. I am experienced desktop publisher with full range knowledge of web works and designs. My ultimate enjoyment is derived from painting murals. I take great pleasure when I paint murals. I like to see the unmasked expressions on people's faces when they walk by in the morning to a blank wall, then! upon their return home in the afternoon , to a large painting. My activities with the community involves discussions of improvement with community members and are the best rewards for my donation of any artistic activity, mainly in forms of murals and paintings for community centers, or lessons to the children in the arts as one of the mediums for their expressions.
Anthony Thornton was born and grown in Nashville, TN. He attended college at Tennessee State University where his major was Studio Art with an emphasis on Computer Graphics. His knowledge about art was taught by some of America's popular artist from the Harlem Renaissance, Ted Jones, Nina Lovelace, and a brilliant European designer Mr. Paul Zepplin.
Anthony has been a part of and has shown his art works in many annual art festivals, shows and gatherings. The State Museum of Tennessee houses a permanent piece of his artwork.
His accolade to date includes a showing at the renowned "Parthenon" in Nashville, TN. (The Parthenon in Nashville, TN is an exact replica of the one in Athens, Greece).
He has worked with the Boys & Girls Club, teaching under privileged children to paint and express themselves through the medium of art. images ©copyright Anthony Thornton 3584